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Monday, 3-Sep-2012 02:55 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My Experience At The Most Populous Goa Beach

It is so nice and indeed, I feel greatly pleasured to write about the most happening beach in and around the city of Goa. Calangute Beach happens to be filled and jam packaged with folks from all backgrounds always. The shacks here were simply packed with so many folks occupying a single one. Calangute Beach Goa is meant for its beer, though the beer is a little, expensive it tastes the best and it feels awesome to sit and have a pint in the shack.

Taking a nice dip in the water that is clear makes one feel relived, their troubles will simply be lost in the water itself. Calangute Beach has no problems of theft, nobody steals in Goa and that is one best thing about this tiny little state. There is no litter on the beach, not a tiny paper is ever out of place at this spot. Folks treat each other very well; they respect the other individual with them. The water rides are very cool and available at the cheapest price, though life jackets are been made mandatory, they are still fun loving. It is surely going to be a Gala time at Calangute Beach Goa if one surely knows how to enjoy and rejoice at this spot for every single minute of their life here.

Sunday, 2-Sep-2012 04:11 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Writing From the Very Shores of Kovalam

I feel so refreshed and nice to be writing this blog from the very spot of my hotel room in Kovalam. Well to start with, Chennai Kovalam Beach is one of the most happening beaches on the shores of South India; it is the rarest kind of beach that I have ever come across. The beach welcomed me like a king the moment I stepped in. Though Kovalam is meant for its marine life, I could spot anglers lowering their net for the best meat of the day, yet the beach did not stink at all. The hotel where I am sitting and posting this blog is right opposite to the beach and the glistening waves are tempting me to write more about the miraculous Kovalam Beach Chennai India.

Chennai Kovalam Beach will make every moment as a heyday, the fresh tender coconut water, the thick wood boat benches, the marvelous waves, the fresh fruits sellers and other hawkers, those huge and tall balconied motels, the sand on the ground. Ah! What not? They are all a true delight to me. Kovalam Beach Chennai India is made me go crazy and I am still thinking about my every minute down there. All right folks do come here at least once and enjoy the freshness, Let me go back and enjoy the fresh fish and prawns from the sea now.

Sunday, 2-Sep-2012 04:06 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A Visit the Most to the Greatest Beach of South India

It really feels too nice to write to you all about my all-time favorite beach, Kovalam Beach is a great fortune to the folks out here in South India. Located in between the shores of Chennai and Kerala, it stands still at Thiruvananthapuram. The Beach has explored itself as a tourist stop today; there are innumerable folks that come in here every day from all parts of the world. I happened to visit the beach during off-season and was not crowded much, yet I could spot a few foreigners who were having the time of their lives here. Kovalam Beach Chennai is too clean, though it is well known for its fishing trend; the beach simply does not stink and attracts all folks nearer to it.

Kovalam Beach is definitely not a adventurous one because, swimming here or going under water is completely prohibited. The second crucial thing is – the beach does not sell beer, drinking is not allowed either. Still it is a place to sit sober and admire the beach; the waves that hit your face makes you forget all the worries. Kovalam Beach Chennai has ample amount of restaurants that treat you with the scrumptious food at a pocket friendly rate. This place is amazing for those want to feast on seafood. Try the beach you will surely come and write a blog like mine.

Friday, 31-Aug-2012 08:51 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Most Excellent Tourist Spot of Goa

I feel so nice to write about the most populous and yet an amazing beach in India to you. Goa Calangute Beach is an exception of its own kind. This is well known as the Queen of all beaches and is truly a Queen, who gives a warm welcome to all who come to see here. She never disappoints anybody, the beach welcomed me and my family with a pint of beer, though the beer came with a price, it was still an awesome feeling to be drinking up there, in one of those shacks. Calangute Beach in Goa I will say has the cleanest water and the guards have maintained it in an excellent manner. The rides are thrilling and too cool for everybody who loves to have fun. You and your family will surely have the time of your life here.

Goa Calangute Beach will always be dear to my heart, because last year the moment I stepped my foot on the steeply sand I could feel a sense of peace within me. That moment of happiness and peace stands incomparable to anything else in this wide world. The water sport activity in Calangute Beach in Goa brought and flushed all my childhood memories back, it was lively and I felt like a kid at heart while enjoying the sport with my little children.

Friday, 31-Aug-2012 08:48 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Every Traveler’s Favorite Tourist Destination

When I visited this beach, it made me feel so good; I was just wondering if this is what they call real Heaven on Earth. Baga Beach In Goa is a pure witness of vivid colors from all parts of the world. Folks from all over the globe had landed here, The fun was unlimited and the most awesome one of its kind. It was only after visiting this particular beach that I realized that Goa was an ever-lovable tourist destination for all the most spectacular beaches. Goa Baga Beach is meant for its adventure and varied types of water rides that make one feel too good. The sand here is extremely steeply and it surely will keep your feet very delighted. The beach has its own tradition of organizing parties and night and makes you feel completely lost and high.

Baga Beach in Goa is a true visitor’s gallery; the cuisines available here are very rare and taste very yummy! The month of January is the best when you want to do some wind surfing. The Souvenir stalls welcomed me and my family with open arms, the church that stood on the other side was a beautiful and a real admirable one. Goa Baga Beach is a necessary visit to every traveller who loves the beauty of beaches and who knows their significance in every unsoiled land.

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